About Us


We are structural engineers. We maintain an appreciation for architectural demands and work with our expansive experiences of structural materials and building types. Structure is a substantial element in the expression and character of a building. Form and function are key

elements in successful building architecture; and the same holds true for successful structures. We design structures that appropriately enhance the architectural needs and help create efficient space. We believe the choice in structural systems and thoughtful detailing can add value to all projects regardless of scale or use.


Our process starts with listening to and understanding the owner’s and architect’s project goals for occupancy, cost, schedule, and aesthetic. We select appropriate structural systems for the various areas of the building. As the project progresses, we work with the architect to develop the details using our imaginations, creativity, and sensibility.

The art of structural engineering embodies an understanding of the behaviors of materials and their relationship to shape. Successful structural design depends on the ability to maximize material properties and respect economic sections and building geometries.


We are fluent with structural steel, reinforced concrete, masonry, and wood structures. We have effectively utilized many materials in a myriad of residential, parking, recreational, commercial, and institutional projects. Additionally, we are knowledgeable with sustainable design methods and materials. We have designed several LEED structures using salvaged steel pipe and bar, sustainable woods like ipe and massaranduba, high fly ash concrete, insulated concrete formed walls, and helical piers. We have reused structure and\ encouraged exposed structure to reduce building height, finishes, and HVAC loads.

Our production tools revolve around Building Information Management (BIM) technology which permits us to quickly and accurately model a spatial building frame, coordinate with BIM models through the architect, and interface with structural frame analytical software. This BIM approach has improved our efficiency and capabilities from past years.


We enjoy working on a range of different projects including residential and commercial, large and small. Each project holds its own challenges, and its own rewards.


MJ Structures, PLLC was founded in 2004 by engineers rooted in public, private and commercial building experience over the past 15 years. Richard Martin served as the Associate Principal at a previous firm which he was instrumental in establishing as a reputable practice through its first 6 years of existence. Mr. Martin served as Project Manager or Engineer of Record on the majority of substantial projects during that period including the Austin Convention Center Expansion, Austin City Lofts, Globe Theater, World Birding Center, among others. His work on these buildings often incorporated a close structural collaboration with the architectural systems and incorporated sustainable building systems.


Mr. Martin transported his broad experiences into the formation of MJ Structures in 2004. Here, he was able to refine his focus toward the architectural expression of structure, the economical use of appropriate structural systems, and deeper study of green building technologies.


MJ Structures has established itself quickly as a competitive and energetic firm and has had the fortune to work with some of the most talented local architects. Our staff comes with diverse experiences in the structural engineering discipline that weave a broad expanse of capabilities into our work. Our size allows us to tackle reasonably large projects while maintaining sufficient intimacy with our clients and projects.


We run our office near the leading edge of technology, with frame analytical tools and BIM capabilities, allowing us to develop ahead of all but the largest of firms while learning from the developing industry. We revel in this current period of technological transformation that we see a  improving our capabilities as engineers and improving our product to clients.

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